Bang & Olufsen Website Review & Ratings + Bang & Olufsen Coupons
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Bang & Olufsen Website Review & Ratings + Bang & Olufsen Coupons

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Products & Services

Bang & Olufsen is a company that provides premium sound systems, speakers and other audio accessories of top quality. The company has a fabulous reputation and is employed by companies such as Audi and Mercedes Benz to provide high end audio systems in their top of the line cars. The Audi A8 is one such example where Bang&Olufsen’s prowess has been put to the test and the company has delivered outstanding results. The website has a fantastic layout and provides a great deal of information about the products that are on offer and helps them make an informed decision.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Company Background

The company was founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in 1925. The company has been around for 88 yearsand has its headquarters in Struter, Denmark. The company offers products and services of the best quality and makes efforts to ensure that its customers get their money’s worth. The products and services offered by the company are top notch and can be considered a benchmark for the industry. In 2005 the company opened its own factory in Czech Republic and has 250 employees on its roaster.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The website has received positive reviews from its customers and enjoys their loyalty as Rev Franklin writes “I dont agree with your view of B&O being style over substance. They offer a different proposition to a lot of manufacturers, pushing the accepted norms of design, build quality and user interface. In terms of substance, I thing the build quality of their products alone could justify their cost. I have a system 5000 from the mid-80s which functions perfectly with the CD player delivering a very refined and fatigue free sound that was very highly praised at the time of its release. These days, speakers such as their Beolab 5s are as much respected for their sound quality as their design. I cant comment on the Beosound 8's sound quality as I haven't listened to one, but personally I dont like its looks having seen one in a dealers window, I will stick with my Zeppelin thanks (even if the bass is a bit boomy !).”. The company enjoys a great deal of consumer confidence and is popular.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company has been listed on the Better Business Bureau and is ranked A+ where A+ is the highest an F is the lowest rank possible. The company has had 2 complaints against it in the last 3 years and 1 complaint against it in the last 12 months. The company does not have any court cases against it and is financially secure and the company will continue business in the foreseeable future.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 44,190and a USrank of 4,471. Google Page Rank gives the website a score of 6 out of a possible 10. Site score gives the website a score of 32 out of a possible 100 points. The score depends on the website’s popularity and the website can be deemed as popular judging by the stats available.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Social Media Presence

Social media has created vast opportunities for companies to promote their products and services online. The FaceBook page of the company has 8,177 likesand is used to promote the company’s services and brand image. The company uses the twitter account @Bang_Olufsen and has 5,937 followers and 118 tweets to its credit. The page is used to communicate with fans and customers on a one to one basis. The company’s social media profile is satisfactory.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Website Security & Safety

According to the Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis the website is safe to browse and is not considered suspicious. The website does not harbor any malware or viruses and does not have any self installing software present on any of the pages of the website that were tested. The website puts great emphasis on security and employs HTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure general safety and consumer financial protection. The website can be deemed as secure.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Pricing & Packages

The website offers high quality products and services that are charged accordingly. The company has a very big line of products and items have different prices. For example a BeoSound 8costs $850 which is of a very good quality. The prices are quite reasonable when compared with the company’s competitors and customers can be assured of the best prices on offer.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Shipping Rates & Policies

The website provides and effective and efficient shipping service for is customers and uses the price of the item to calculate shipping. The rates are as follows:

                           Standard  Expedited  Priority 

  • Up to $99              $6.95        $13.95      $27.95
  • From $99 to $150  $9.95        $19.95      $29.95
  • Up to $250            $12.95      $25.95      $35.95
  • Up to $450            $15.95      $31.95      $41.95
  • Up to $8.50           $18.95      $37.95      $47.95
  • Up to $1,250         $21.95      $43.95       $56.95
  • Up to $2000          $24,95      $49.95       $61.95
  • $2,001 and up       $42.00      $84.00       $168.00

The company provides quality products and services and provides shipping to match their products.

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Payment Methods Accepted

The website accepts credit cards powered by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. The website offers a very decent payment portal and uses HTTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure consumer financial data protection. The website is very reliable and its payment portal can be used to make payments with great peace of mind. 

Bang & Olufsen Electronics: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a very good return policy and allows its customers to return the bought items with in 30 days of purchase. The website will then process and inspect the items and ten process the items for a speedy and effective refund. The website will send out any charged amounts to the same credit card used and will usually take a few billing cycles to appear. The return policy is very satisfactory and customers can be assured of a speedy and effective return. The customer must go online and log into their account and request refund. The customer must ship to the prepaid address and keep the tracking number safe.

Bang & Olufsen: Product images & screenshots
Bang & Olufsen Coupons
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